Workshops Overview

Here's What You'll Learn:

After completing this course, you'll be able to model, texture, rig and animate 3D objects in 3D workspace using Autodesk Maya, in order to achieve the work flow of 3D production in accordance with industry requirements. You will be able to:

  • Sculpt, shape and surface details on character model
  • Create animation friendly topology onto the model
  • Use image reference to model, texture, rig and animate an object
  • Create controllers for the rigged object
  • Create motion path animation
  • Identify, understand and apply the principles of animation
  • Mimic real­life lighting into Maya
  • Create lip sync and facial expressions
  • Render images in passes
  • Use build­in render node to composite render passes

Here's The Programme Outline That You'll Learn::

  • Module 1: Polygon Modeling
  • Module 2: Character Modeling
  • Module 3: Retopolizing
  • Module 4: Texturing
  • Module 5: Sculpting
  • Module 6: Character Rigging
  • Module 7: Facial Rigging
  • Module 8: Walk Cycle Animation
  • Module 9: Run Cycle Animation
  • Module 10: Jump Animation
  • Module 11: Action Performance
  • Module 12: Eye Dart
  • Module 13: Lip Sync
  • Module 14: Facial Expression
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